About Me - Ghulam Rasool

I came to know about myself through the experiences and observations when I was trying to find the answers of existence of life. The quest to know the answers took me on journeys into the far and wild corners. Countless days and nights spent in the struggle and I found peace in my heart and contentment as an answer…!

Now I have forgotten the questions as I found much more than just my little and naive questions. 

In any form of the art, the motivation of the artist reflects upon his spirit and I work hard to clearly show the same strong and deep rooted component of Nature Spirituality.

For me Photography is not just about taking pictures but a way to express, share and communicate the same observations, feelings and emotions with others.

Breaking the rules and carving out a niche in nature photography in general and wildlife art in particular, is something that I have managed to accomplish. Traveling to far off places has helped much to explore, gather observations and share the same with the world. Looking for the sacred moment in nature, I would go to any lengths for the shot of my choice and taking pictures from my heart.

I am Ghulam Rasool - A Nature Lover and Photographer.

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